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Welcome to my portfolio. Here you’ll find a selection of my work. Explore my projects to learn more about what I do.

Writing Samples

My writing capabilities truly have no bounds as I am capable of writing text of all kinds in two languages. There is not a textual style I have not written in a professional context. Whether it was formal (proposals, mergers, case studies, speeches, data/policy, and more) or informal (speeches, scripts, storytelling, SM, and more). I can convey information, data, emotions, stories, and more clearly and concisely through text.

Script Writing

Case Study

French Writing Sample


MTC 1.jpg

Graphic Design

Using the Adobe Creative Suite or any other applications I can create custom graphics that are singular and represent the identity of different entities. Logos, posters, ad creatives, UI/UX, and anything involving creativity are in my range.

Motion Graphics

Whether it is business, sports, or for entertainment purposes motion graphics are a great way to convey information, meaning, and tone promptly. They are the perfect mix of audio, picture, typography, and video.  

On-Camera & Production

Although I like working behind the scenes, being at the forefront is one of my strong points as well. I can fully produce segments and can convey information on camera. From pre-production: scripting, budgeting, locations, storyboards, etc. To production and post-production: editing, filming, sound, etc.

Audio Production

Short Form: News BitWilfried Balata
00:00 / 02:25
Long Form: Water and SaltWilfried Balata
00:00 / 30:01

Podcasts, interviews, pre-recorded audio files, audio narration, and more basics are important aspects of communications and media. Audio is the most important aspect of some marketing campaigns and communication strategies. I can record, edit, and produce long and short-form audio productions.

Administration, Public Relations, Digital Media, Project Management and More.

Marketing and communications also have an administrative side that cannot be overlooked. Working in different environments whether corporate or more casual, is a side of the job that is often overlooked but has much importance. Budgeting and funds allocation, analytics, staying up to date with industry trends, shareholders relations, checking and understanding policy, filing necessary documents to upkeep good standing, and more. Having to deal with the administrative side of things familiarized me with many tools that help in that department. CRMs like Hubspot or Salesforce; mail software like MailChimp; the best tool of all, asking for help; and more.

Being able to convey information through the proper channels and maintaining valuable relationships also plays a part in having an outstanding marketing strategy. Whether for product planning, marketing, or digital creations building media relations can go a long way when it comes to maintaining standing in markets and mitigating the risk of negative media outbreaks as it relates to an entity. Public relations with the community and the media are integral parts of marketing strategies and maintaining good standing with customers, stakeholders, and businesses. In B2B and B2C markets even if it is not addressed or named PR is always present and I love dealing with it.

As my resume shows, digital media/marketing and project management are also skills I have had to use in the past and keep using today. They are also part of marketing and communications when it comes to implementing strategies that will last and have an impact over time.

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