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Wilfried Balata

Marketing & Communications Specialist



Marketing Specialist

Campaigns, product launches, brand management, media productions, metrics analysis, scripting, and more are areas of marketing that I specialize in. My master's degree in Communications and Digital Media in combination with extensive work experience in different industries enables me to have a firm grasp on all areas of marketing. I have done marketing at every level. From creating print, audio, or digital content to overseeing a team and putting together a campaign blueprint. I understand that when it comes to marketing, to be able to lead a campaign or launch a product at scale. You have to know the intricacies that go into designing a simple print ad or producing a commercial while continually adjusting to attain goals and the best possible ROI.




Graphic Design


Communications Specialist

Writing Sample

While my Master's degree enhanced my practical skills as it pertains to multimedia. My undergrad degree in Communications with a minor in Business from Simon Fraser University gives me a firm grip on the theoretical and administrative side of media, marketing, and analytics. These are important aspects in every industry. Internal & external communications strategies,  market evaluations, proposals, qualitative & quantitative case studies,  tentative approaches, reports, merger intricacies, financials, data/policy analysis, project oversight, and a lot more are pieces of business I have familiarized myself with through extensive work experience.


Adaptability & Versatility

Through experiences, education, and working in different environments I have learned to adapt, be versatile, learn quickly, and make the best of challenging circumstances. Instances such as working in multilingual environments; and having the opportunity to work, develop, and oversee meaningful projects for the Canadian Department of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development while shouldering communications and marketing duties in both official languages. Directing a production that led successful marketing campaigns and produced for a streamed show are some concrete examples that allow me to be adaptable and versatile.

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